Betting The Ponies

Among the oldest beholder sports in the U.S, thoroughbred pony racing originated with the English who introduced the game to Colonial America a century before the Revolutionary War. Establishing enormously popular with the colonists, pony racing has stayed so, that is till up to date years. While still tempting a considerable number of fans, there has been an obvious and continuing decline in live track attendance. This is without delay accredited to competition from other kinds of betting, and most definitely because of the convenience of gambling at off-track facilities and more decidedly through the Net. The pony player can experience the fun of the race and place gambles with the online casino without leaving home.

In reality there are actually billions of greenbacks still being waged on pony racing, but it is determined that only 15% of those wagers are placed at the race track gambling windows. When bets are made off-track, the tracks finish up with a lower %. all of that aside, web wagering continues to grow by big leaps, and there are likely to be more beginner bettors playing the ponies thru the web than there are amateurs attending the race tracks. Many bettors new to trace gambling do not realize a player wishes to at least know something of the fundamentals of gambling on a pony and the fact that particular animal was selected as a wannabe winner.

To start with, there are 2 kinds of pony racing competition.

There’s harness racing in which a driver rides a two-wheel cart and is pulled by a “trotter”, a pony specially bred and trained for this kind of racing. Then there’s thoroughbred racing in which a jockey sits astride a saddled racehorse.

There are a number of methods to bet on a horse race, and wannabe handicappers must familiarize themselves with each one of them.

  • Win Place Show : Win is to bet on which horse will win the race, and pays higher than place or show. Place is to bet a horse will place first or 2nd, and pays less than Win. Show is gambling a selected pony will finish in 3rd place or higher and pays less than Win or Place.
  • Perfecta : Two winners must be selected and must finish in the precise order as wagered.
  • Quinella : like the Perfecta, but winners can finish in any order.
  • Trifecta : Bettor must select the first 3 winners of a race in the precise order as wagered.
  • Daily Double : A track bet in which the bettor must decide on the winners in 2 sequential races.
  • Pick 3 : The bettor must pick the winner in each of 3 consecutive races.

Interactive race wagering was introduced in the USA in 1991, when TV Games Network (TVG) introduced a TV racing network available thru wire and satellite programming services.